Monday, December 14, 2009

On Wednesday the triplets turn one. I cannot believe a year has passed. It has been a difficult one in a lot of ways. But I never forget for a second how truly blessed we are. We moved in October to a beautiful house that we absolutely love. It has a huge yard, 4 bedrooms, an enormous basement, high ceilings, etc etc. We are so happy. It was amazing how stressed we were cramped in our old house. We were so lucky to have my mom up for 3 weeks helping us pack up the house. Every day was a new drama of something that could potentially fall through or needed to be fixed. At one point we were prepared to move all 6 of us in with my sister Allison. But, in the end it all worked out and we are quite settled in the new digs. Logan adjusted very well. Periodically he will ask to go home. When I say we are home he says no this is our new house. But it is few and far between and I think he really enjoys all the space to run around. My only problem is I desperately miss living close to Allison. My parents bought us a swing set for Christmas and Bob and our friend Carlos put it together. Logan and the babies were able to play on it before the weather got too cold. I am sure all the bys will enjoy that for many years to come.
Logan is 2 and a half now. He says the most amazing things. We really need to keep a better diary as we laugh everyday at how observant he is. Not to mention how good his memory is which can sometimes really bite us in the ass. After 2 months home Bob and I decided he needed to get into some type of activity with kids his age. HE gets bored at home. He is so social and loves to play with other kids. Unfortunately there aren’t very many his age in the neighborhood. He started in a school down the street from our house 2 days a week for 4 hours. He had a great time the 2 days he has been so I am glad we did it. Even though it is hard for Bob to leave him. I know it is good for him and for Bob! He is an amazing kid and Bob and I say everyday how awesome he is. We keep saying if we are blessed with 4 boys like this it would be a miracle!
Justin is the most advanced of the babies. He has been crawling for over a month now and is pulling himself up and cruising on the furniture. He has even climbed a couple stairs. He smiles all the time and has the best belly laugh. He is very ticklish. He is also our biggest challenge. He still suffers from reflux and has asthma. We have struggled with him most nights as he just doesn’t sleep. And he is not easily consoled. So we can be up for 2 hours just holding a screaming baby. It is the worst feeling in the world not to be able to calm or sooth your child. We have had him to several dr’s who continue to say he will grow out of it. Some days I am convinced there is something very wrong with him and other days I just think he is not easily settled and will give us the most trouble!! Last night was one of the first nights he actually cuddled with me. I was singing to him and he had his head on my shoulder. He lifted his head and just looked right at me. Then he laid his head aback down facing me and looked up at me and smiled. I just looked at him and stroked his head. It was an amazing feeling since most nights I want to jump through the window! It’s true, some nights I just cry. Our frustration level is through the roof and we feel like this is it, we just can’t do this anymore. But, you do and morning comes and it’s a new day and you just do it again. As I said though, he is so happy during the day. He has adorable dimples and hazel eyes. Very big head though.
Mason is our bruiser. He is like 24 pounds and solid as a rock. He is not crawling yet much to his dismay. He gets very upset when we all leave him sitting there. He lies on his belly like he is swimming and just yells. It is very funny. He is rocking though and I am hoping that by Christmas he is there. He does sit up and pulls himself up so I am not too worried. He says mama and dada while the other 2 don’t yet. He also claps his hands as does Justin but Noah isn’t there yet. So they all have their own pace. He is a bully during meal time and frequently takes toys from Noah and Justin. It’s funny because if a toy gets taken from him he screams and starts to cry. They are hilarious to watch at the table. Banging each other’s heads and pushing. Mason is Logan’s favorite. Every time I ask who should get something first, it’s Mason. They look the most alike too which is funny. Mason is extremely happy and smiles a lot. But it is harder to get him to smile than the other two. Most of the time he just gives this look like “what?” HE is very independent though and will sit and amuse himself and play for the longest time. He is a joy to put to bed or naps. Just give a kiss and lay him down and he just goes to sleep. He is very addicted to the pacifier though and he will wake up at night when he can’t find it. We put like 10 in his crib but they mostly manage to find their way to the floor. He is very cuddly and loves to snuggle.
Noah is our little peanut. He started to crawl about a week ago and is very proud of himself. He is starting to pull himself up and loves being mobile. He has the brightest blue eyes, almost piercing. He has a great smile and his whole face just light s up. His eyes squint shut and he just gets so happy. He is becoming much more aware of who mommy and daddy are and doesn’t take to strangers as well as he used to. He is still the smallest but over 20 pounds and eats as much as his brothers. As I mentioned he is not clapping his hands or making too many sounds other than his weird little screech but he seems to be fine and I am sure he will get there in his own time. They are 9 months adjusted and I don’t see him being too far behind that age so I am fine with it. He is a climber too and anytime I am on the floor changing one of the babies he has to try to climb on my lap. He is a great sleeper as he has been for a long time. Just lay him in his crib and he will amuse himself till he falls asleep. Such a joy. He rarely gets up at night and sleeps close to 12 hours. If he was my only baby I would truly not understand how someone could say it is hard. Bob and I often say what if we only had Noah? Cake. Noah is going to be the sweetheart and the little peacemaker.
My parents have been here since Thanksgiving and they will stay through New Year’s. It is always wonderful to have them around and it certainly is nice to have help. I am nervous when they leave Bob and I will have forgotten how hard it is when we are by ourselves. We hosted Thanksgiving this year with bob’s family. We had over 25 people and I think it was a success. I don’t remember much of it as I really was just taking care of the kids while bob cooked. We had a holiday party yesterday with my Mom’s family which went really well also. I just love the holiday season. It is so nice to see people you don’t see all the time and just be around family. Christmas day will be with my family this year and I am excited to just be home. Logan is anxious for Santa to come and loves to count the days on the calendar.
2009 has given us some pretty amazing blessings and also some not so great things and I have often felt that there is a black cloud over the world this year. My sister Chrisanne said that 9 is not a good number. Something about its placement, I don’t remember but it made sense when she said it!! I will not be sad to see it go. I have a good feeling about 2010.
I hope that if anyone is still reading the blog (since it has been so long since I wrote) that you have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy and healthy New Year.