Thursday, April 23, 2009

The boys are now 4 months old and they are huge. We had their well visit Tuesday. Mason and Justin are both 11 pounds 11 ounces and Noah is 10 pounds 1 ounce. You'd think at that size they would all be sleeping through the night but no such luck!! They are all smiling now and make great eye contact. Although Mason is a little lazy about it at times! He is definitely a little lazy. But that's ok. It is helpful to have one mellow kid. Justin and Noah can be challenging especially in the evenings still. Our night help has decreased significantly because she has another job. I knew about it before we hired her but thought they would be sleeping better and so I wouldn't mind. The nights can be brutal. Last night I slept from 9:30-1:30 and when I got up i was never able to lay back down. One was either fussing or eating or needed to be rocked. It is really tiring. I know Bob is exhausted at work too and I feel bad but I just can't do the whole night by myself. My parents of course, are still so helpful. By the time they go back to Florida I am afraid they will never want to come back! Everyday is so busy. We found a house that we really love and put a bid on it but of course need to sell this one first. I am a little stressed about that and keeping the house presentable is tough with 4 kids. I am lucky if I get them in the bath once a week. I guess that's ok for now since they don't really get very dirty. I intend to bathe them everyday but something always happens to sidetrack me. Laundry is endless. The burp cloths alone are unbelievable. Thank goodness we have a good washing machine! One of the triplet moms I know came over for a few hours Sunday to help so Bob and I could sleep. She brought her former nanny. So I of course discussed with her working for us periodically. She is going to come Saturday to watch Justina and Noah and I am going to take Logan and Mason to visit my friend Kim. And Bob finally will be able to go golfing! I am so happy for him. It is always nice to have a day away from the kids. They are so wonderful but it is all consuming. They will be 8 weeks adjusted next week and I am hopeful that it will start to get easier. We'll see.
I know my posts are all over the place but I just write whatever pops in my head and I frequently get pulled away so I don't even know where I left off.
Logan is doing really well but is definitely entering the terrible 2's. He can be very defiant at times and since we are so exhausted our tolerance is lower than normal. I work really hard to be patient with him since he doesn't deserve to be the outlet for my frustrations or exhaustion. He is such a good kid and so loving and caring. He is pretty good with the babies. He kisses their heads and feet and one night even made Justin laugh. He was so excited and happy!! I can't wait till they can play and interact. We are switching his school soon. Hopefully very soon. One more transition for him which I am upset about bu I am not happy with several things there and it is just time to get him out of there.
Our house is being shown this morning so I must get the babies out of here and over to my sisters. Thank God she lives so close and doesn't mind our invasion for an hour. She comes home from Poland today. Yeah!!! I have waited to watch American Idol with her and I can't wait to see who was voted off. So don't ruin it for me!!!
Hope everyone is enjoying their spring. Even if it has been raining and miserable a lot. Here's to a beautiful May!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The babies are 4 months old this Thursday. I cannot believe it. And Logan is 22 months. Of course they are only 6 weeks adjusted so they are not acting like they are 4 months old. NYC was so much fun. Logan loved it. We went on the carousel in Central Park and went to FAO Schwartz. He was amazed by everything. We really had a great time and it was fun to visit Chrisanne. I don't get up to NY very often. The week was ok although Noah contracted some sort of GI virus and was projectile vomiting for several days. I was back at the pediatrician with him to make sure he was still gaining weight and didn't need to have his belly scanned. It's funny, with a full term baby I would have never thought to worry about a GI disorder. Turned out just to be a bug and he was over it by the end of the week. As soon as the bug was gone he was starving! He is now taking 5 ounces like his brothers and I think he is going through a growth spurt. He is sleeping better, probably because he is finally eating enough. He was so hungry when he had the bug but would throw up every time we fed him so he was generally miserable. Mason got the bug a little too but only for a day or so. We took the babies over to see Bob's father last Saturday. Their first trip out (except for the dr. visits.) Mason stayed home with my parents cause he wasn't feeling very well. It was nice to get them out but it was a little hectic. Bob's sister Marianne was there with her son Colin and Justin and Noah were a bit fussy. But all in all it was a nice day.
Easter Sunday was chaotic. Seems everyday is like that. We took Logan to church with us, Bob and my sister (who came down from NYC) stayed with the babies. He was pretty good. At one point when a song had finished and the church was completely silent Logan said quite loudly "All done" It was pretty funny. We had Easter dinner at our house. We actually were able to get all 3 babies to sleep and sit down for dinner together. It was short as Mason woke up to eat but it was really nice while it lasted. Logan had a little Easter egg hunt. 12 eggs took like 30 minutes!! I guess he is a little young:-) He also ate too much chocolate and got really hyper. That wasn't very fun but it's only once a year.
So far I have learned the following about the babies. Justin is super sensitive to everything. He doesn't like his brothers to be upset and he gets very bothered by his flailing arms. He needs to be swaddled and in his own quiet place to sleep. Mason sleeps a lot and fusses only when something is really wrong. He is what would be considered an easy baby. Noah is like the little professor. He stares very intently and always looks like he is deep in thought. Noah and Justin are definitely higher maintenance and get annoyed if you are holding the other one. Jealousy begins already!! They are all smiling and almost laughing. I hear a couple coos here and there but I have to say, I am constantly going from one baby to the other. I find it is hard to spend quality time playing with them. Since they eat at different times they are awake at different times and having a routine is just impossible at this point. They are only 6 weeks old really so I am not too worried about it for now. When they are 8 weeks old I am hopeful they will start to sleep through the night and I will be able to get them all on the same schedule. But who knows. It really is a crap shoot! It has taken me 2 days to write this as I am always getting up to get one of the babies.
Bob and I decided to put the house up for sale. I am scared to death and I am also so excited. We are looking in Mount Laurel . I can't wait to be in a place with more space. This house is just too small. So anyone looking for a house let me know!
My parents continue to come over everyday to help with the babies and my dad has done a bunch of stuff around the house getting it ready to sell. Allison is over all the time and helps so much. Chrisanne came down and stayed late into the night so Bob and I could get some sleep. My sister in law Lisa is coming on Thursday evenings to give my parents a break which is great. It can be so exhausting being here everyday. I am so lucky to have them and have really enjoyed spending time with them. To Lorraine and John who are across the pond, we miss you terribly. Logan yells John every time we pass your house!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another week flown by! The boys went to the dr. this week. Mason is now 9 pounds 14 ounces, Justin is 9 pounds 5 ounces and Noah is 8 pounds 8 ounces. They are getting so big. Noah still looks like such a little peanut though. Mason is a ham. They adjusted their Zantac dosage and I am hoping that will help. Seems they have gotten worse with spitting up as they gain weight. It's like you are constantly chasing the right amount since they are growing so fast. I'm not complaining though. I am so glad they are growing!! My mom and dad were here everyday helping out this week. They come early in the morning and help all dy into the night. We also have a teenager coming from 5-8 after school to help while I get Logan to bed. Our house is always crowded. But, I apprecitae all the help so much and know it would be so hard without it.
I had one of the worst nights so far with the babies. I think it was Wed. night. I went to sleep at 8:30 and Bob got me up at midnight. They had been really good for him. I got out their and Mason was due to eat. Once he finished and went to sleep it was Justin's turn and then Noah woke up. While I was feeding Noah, Justin decided to freak out for about an hour. I ended up feeding him another couple ounces because I couldn't figure out what the heck was wrong. He sucked it down and kept screaming. In the meantime, 4 hours had passed and Mason was waking up to eat. I finally had to wake up Bob. I just couldn't handle all three freaking out at once. It was really the first time I have just been done with it. The sleep deprivation makes it hard but I am just tired of the infancy stage. I remember feeling this way with Logan. The first 3 months are just so hard and we have it longer since they were so premature. The first month was really 2 months. I wish I could take maternity leave when they turned 4 months old!! Don't get me wrong, I love my babies and am blessed beyond belief but I really prefer when they are a bit older, sturdier, can hold their heads up and are distractable. Plus the walls of our house are closing in on me. I am so sick of winter and cold weather. The days that it has been nice out it is so windy I can't really get them out of the house. Or I am so tired I can't motivate. So Thursday night I went out to dinner with the triplet moms in South Jersey. They are so amazing. The kids range in age from 4 to my babies. They have all been through this and they really made me feel like I wasn't crazy! They gave me really good suggestions and assured me it will get better! That and several glasses of wine and Friday I was a new woman. It really does help to talk to people who understand what you are feeling and don't judge you for it.

Today Logan and I went to an Easter egg hunt in Moorestown. It is so windy though and the egg hunt lasted like 30 seconds. Oh well. Tomorrow we are headed to NYC with my mom and Allison to visit my sister Chrisanne. I am very excited. I think Logan will love it and it will be a nice road trip for the girls. Bob and my dad are staying with the babies. Should be an interesting day!!

All 3 of the babies have started to smile. Haven't heard too much cooing yet but I am hoping that will come this week since they are about a month old. Their development milestones are so hard to predict since you really don't know what their age is.

I am hoping that the weather will be nice now and we will get the babies outside as much as possible. We still will not take them to any public places or around other children as they still have suppressed immune systems and have a tough time fighting infection. Even full term babies have no immune system until they are 3 months old. They go to the dr. on April 17th for their second set of shots. At that point the weather should be good and they will be a bit bigger.

I am posting a more recent picture where you can really see their faces. They are getting so cute. Mason is just like Logan was. Justin is totally a McCoy and Noah is definitely his own man.

Hope everyone is doing well. Happy Easter to you all!!