Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello everyone,
I want to start off my blog by saying hello to my dad and that I will see you later down the road. As many of you know that read this blog that my dad passed away on June 16th. I will miss him terribly, but will keep his memory alive through me and my 4 boys.

It is 2:50 AM and I just put Justin down to sleep. (again). They are all so off their somewhat loose schedule that I was trying to nail down for them. This past week has just been all over the place. They all generally fall asleep around 8:00-8:30 at the latest. Noah generally sleeps all night until around 6:00-6:30. Mason wakes up 50% of the time around 3am-4am, takes 2-3oz and goes back to sleep until 6:30-7:00. Now, Justin....He falls asleep after 20-30 mins of restlessness and leg kicking. Then lays down for 2-3 hours, wakes up, we rock him a bit, and place the binky back in his mouth. Then he falls asleep until around 3:00 am. He wakes up around this time 6 out of 7 days a week. We try to get him back to sleep, but end up giving him 3 oz then he goes back until 6:30-7:00. They all get up around the same time in the morning, have a full bottle, are up for about 1 hour and then sleep for 1.5-2 hours. We then get up and do some exercises. Mason needs to work on his neck muscles and symmetry the most. Justin is excelling faster than the other two. It is nice to see progress. I KNOW, I need to start letting them cry it out a bit and skip the bottle. Someone buy us a bigger house so they wont hear each other....

Today was my first full day as the stay at home dad by myself. My in-laws left on Saturday to go back home to Florida. They will be missed very much. Staying at home today was pretty much what I expected. It is going to be a tough road ahead with a lot of patience and ear plugs needed. There was only 1 time today when they were all crying. They had just eaten after waking from a nap. Of course this is the only time that Tracey called so I debated not picking up the phone, but I did. So, I am thinking now what do I do to get them to stop? They just ate and napped. I picked up Noah first because he was crying the hardest, and swaddled him up. They all just needed 1 more burp and then fell back asleep for 30 more mins. I took them for about a 20-30 minute walk around the lake and development. Most people walking by stop and stare and ask questions. The best is,"do triplets run in your family?" I tell people, actually quads do, so I got cheated! Out of all of the questions to ask, why is this the most curious to ask? I would have so many different questions to ask someone who had multiples. Or the question is, " is it tough?" I would love to respond, "nah, I have my servants enter from the east wing of the house after they take out my trash, cut my lawn, and wash my Ferrari. Then they tend to the babies all day while I go fish, golf, and sleep. They fill me in on what the babies did all day so I can tell my wife what happened during the day." Ok, so I am laying on the sarcasm pretty thick right now, it is afterall, 3:10am. I have to go to sleep. We have a showing for the house tomorrow. It is the girls 3rd time coming back! She better buy it now, after all of the cleaning I have to do each time. I am going to invite her to my neighbors Luau. It was his idea. She can meet all of the neighbors and help her decide. I am not sure if this is good or bad? Just kidding, all of my court is amazing and I would love to stay where I am at. Tracey and I are going to miss all of them so much.

Overall, the babies and Logan are doing well. Tracey and I are surviving. We have to get out on a date night by ourselves soon. It is tough, and we just high five each other in the morning as we pass each other with a diaper in one hand, bottle in the pocket, and a baby on our hip. We make a good team and I am looking so forward to so many memories with my family. I know my dad will be watching, so I have to make him proud.

Monday, June 15, 2009

(Bob's post)
Hello everyone,
It has been about a week since I last wrote so I am due to write some updates. Let's start with:

The Trips have been doing a little better sleeping through the night. We generally get them to bed between 7:30-9:00. I know this is a huge window, but we are working on it. Noah and Mason generally go right down, but Justin....Well, he is a different animal. I have never seen a baby kick and grunt so much to not go to bed. Then once down, I know that it is only going to be 15-25 minutes later and then he gets up and then gets rocked back to sleep for a few hours. He gets up 95% of the time between 2:55am-3:05am. I am not kidding. He has an internal clock. Once this happens I try to rock him for 15-20 minutes but then he just looks at me and smiles. I know what he is saying to himself (HA! sucker, now I get a bottle!) He does get 3oz and then he goes back to sleep until around 6:30-7:00. Mason gets up, but at like 4:00-5:00 am and sometimes goes back to sleep. Noah is the best. Right to bed and grunts a bit during the night and gets up around 5:30-6:30, gets a full bottle, stays up for about 45 minutes then goes back to sleep for about 2 hours! It is great. By this time I have already been up since 2:55am from Justin and then Mason. All in all it is going ok. I hope to have all of this chaos with bedtime licked in about 2 weeks. I know this is my ego talking, but I have to set goals. My in-laws (wonderful, helpful, I am forever grateful) will be leaving on Wednesday. I am on my own then. They have truly been so helpful and I am very lucky to have had them here for the past few months. I am having my nephew Patrick (he is 14) come over during the week to help out when he is not too busy with school, summer fun, and girls. He is a good kid and this can give him some extra cash over the summer.

Justin had his physical therapy appointment last week. He did great. He held up his head, grabbed at toys, kicked his feet, put toys near his mouth, and laughed and made noises the whole time. We were very proud. Mason and Noah have their appointments this week. Noah and Justing have both rolled over from belly to back. Mason is usually 7-10 days behind. Plus, he has such a big head with no neck, so he has trouble. He is pretty funny. He needs some serious work on holding up his head.

Logan had his 2nd birthday party this weekend at Jelly Bean Jungle
(http://www.jellybean-jungle.com)/in Mount Laurel. It was an absolute hit! He had so much fun with his classmates and his large family. He laughed, screamed his head off, ran around like a crazy person, and then crashed at the end of the day. I enjoy so much watching Logan play with his friends and interact with them. He is such an awesome kid. He got a bike and a lot of great toys and clothes. So, now I have to start all of the thank you notes. This is one job that Tracey is glad to get rid of and that I do not remember volunteering for. Hey, it comes with staying at home now I guess. No problem, I have it covered. I have 1 year to get them out right? Does that just count for weddings?

Fathers Day is coming up and all of us are headed over to my dad's house to celebrate being fathers. I am looking very forward to it. It is going to be a lot of fun seeing everyone together and watching all of the kids play together.

Our house is still for sale. We had one girl come back for a 2nd look last week. She seemed positive, but still no offer. My neighbor 5 doors down just put her house on the market for 25k less than mine. Oh well! Her house needs a lot of work. Hopefully people will see that. It is 10:00 now and I have to go to bed so I can get up with Justin in 5 hours!!! Thank you to everyone over these past few months who have helped with either food, clothes, gifts, prayers, and anything else that I may have forgotten. Our heads are still spinning. Tracey and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives. Goodnight!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Blog entry from Bob:
It’s been a while since I wrote in the blog. Tracey usually does this. It seems that I will be taking over much of these duties now that I am going to be a stay at home dad. For those of you who do not know, Tracey and I decided that for the next 6-8 months that one of us should stay home with the babies. I drew the short straw. Just joking, but it is going to be one of the toughest things I have ever done. I keep hearing how I will start to talk to adults in baby talk, and start wiping people’s mouths while out to dinner with my spare burp cloth in my back pocket at all times. I am getting my holster next week that holds two 6 ounce bottles on each hip. I will be prepared!
We went for the developmental follow up last week. They are a little over 2.5 months adjusted age and it has been a little over 5.5 months since they were born. Mason weighed in at a whopping 15 lbs, Justin at 14lbs, 3oz, and Noah at 12lbs, 10oz. Justin would weigh more, but continues to have reflux issues and spits up quite a bit. The Dr. told us that their weights are off of the charts for being premies and to cut out the bottle or 2 they were getting in the middle of the night. It was getting crazy with no schedule and feeding on demand. We were also able to start to introduce solids, so rice cereal was started immediately. This is the 4th night that we attempted to cut out the bottle at night and get them to bed around the same time. It seems to go like this, Mason and Noah usually falls asleep between 8:00-8:30 and get up around 3:00 or 4:00. Have 3oz (dream feed) and go right back to sleep until 6:00-7:00. Justin usually falls asleep after much discomfort around 9:00-9:30, gets back up around 2:00-3:00, has 3oz, and takes some work to get back in his crib. He usually ends up in the swing at this point because it gets him back to sleep the quickest. It is going to be a slow transition, but each day they show progress.
Developmentally, they did pretty good. They all did well tracking, smiling, (Noah and Justin laugh all of the time, Mason is catching up) and pretty well on their belly. Justin is the worse of the 3 right now with his neck. It needs some work. We were showed quite a few different techniques on how to strengthen their necks and back. We are starting to get a routing down during the day for all of the babies 2x a day. We need to get a chart going because half way through the day I cannot remember who did what and when! I remember this being easier with Logan, but then again, it was just 1 baby to concentrate on and not share time with 3 at once. We go back in 30 days to the Dr. to see how they have progressed. This is going to be a test for the babies and for us. The day goes by so fast and we have to find time to do the exercises with the boys. I also have to start getting a routine down for myself. It is going to be a lot of fun over the next few months, but I know it is also going to be a lot of work!
Logan continues to amaze me with his language and athletic ability. I love when he comes up to me and points outside and says either, “outside…golf” or “outside, ball” of course this is baseball. I got him one of those big barrel whiffle ball bats and he puts the ball on the little red cone and whacks it pretty good. Then he runs around and hits it on the ground like he is golfing. I have to start looking for a golf cart that hold 5 so all of the boys can go golfing with me. They may want to walk the course, but no thanks. Where would I put my adult beverages? Logan’s birthday is coming up and we are getting him a bike. He is so excited. Tracey and I ask him all of the time what he wants for his birthday, and we ask if he wants a bike and he says “soon” as if he knows he is getting it and telling us to back off and just get it already. It is truly a blessing and more than I could have hoped for watching him develop into my little man. We are going to the zoo this Tuesday for the 1st time to see all of the animals that we have been reading to him about since he was born. It is going to be so much fun watching his face. I am going to video tape the whole thing.
This weekend flew by as usual. We still have not sold our house but it looks promising as people continue to look at it. The next year is going to fly by and the boys will outgrow this house very quickly or the walls will just come crashing down from all of the activity. Either way, the Commack family is doing well and we look forward to sharing more blog entries with all of you soon.