Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello all,
It has been a while since we have written in our blog. This may be a bit long, but I wanted to be thorough. We have now been in our new home about 4 months now. The time has gone by so fast and the boys are getting bigger and stronger every day. The house still needs a lot of personal touches but it is just taking forever because we have no time to do it. I started finishing half of the basement around Thanksgiving time and I am still spackling. It is going to look great when it is finished and I know the boys are going to love it. I still stay at home with the boys and Tracey is at work. Logan is at school 2 days a week for half a day. It does break up the week, but it stinks when I have to pack up the babies in the morning and afternoon to drop him off/pick him up. But, in the end it is worth it because he gets out of the house and meets new friends. Playing with daddy and making pillow forts gets old after a while. We are bracing for the snowstorm this weekend calling for 12-18 inches. I am a bit of a cabin fever freak. I have to keep shoveling the driveway to make sure we can get out if we have to. Our driveway is very long so this really is not something I love to do. I am still enjoying staying at home with the boys and I cannot believe it will be a year in a few months that I have been home. I know it will be tough to get back to work soon, but that is still up in the air. Tracey and I are discussing me going back to school to be a teacher (preschool-3rd grade or up to 5th grade). I have a long way to go to get there, but now is the time for me to make a career change if I am going to do it. Tracey is still hard at work. She leaves in the early morning sometimes but makes sure she is home no later than 5:00-5:15 most days. When she stays later, I do miss her. Not so much for the help with the babies, but because I know she is going to be exhausted when she gets home. There are days that go by when I have to start writing things down to make sure I tell her or I will forget. It gets busy during the week but we have a great routine down.
The boys generally wake up around 6:00-6:30. Bottles and breakfast between 7:00-8:00, story time after that for about 15-20 minutes (depending on how many books Logan picks out). We generally go in the playroom or do some circle time. The babies go down for their 1st nap around 9:30 and sleep until 11:00. Lunch is around 12:00 for all 4 boys. Logan goes down for a nap from 1:00-3:00 and the babies go down from about 1:30-3:00. So, I get about 1 hour of quiet time which is mostly spent cleaning the kitchen up, cleaning up the toys, making some type of dinner for the babies for the next few days, or working on the basement to get ahead. The babies are on table food now which is great. They have had all sorts of pasta, ziti, meatloaf, veggies, fish sticks, hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, and whatever else I have time to make. When Logan gets up we generally have a snack and watch 1 or 2 shows that he likes. He generally picks Thundercats and pretends he is Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats and runs around chasing the babies. We head into the playroom after that and see who is in a good mood and wants to try walking or talking a bit. 5:00-5:30 I get dinner ready and feed the troops. 6:00 we start getting ready for bed and 6:45-7:00 the babies go to sleep. Logan generally gets to bed and falls asleep by 8:00 at the latest. Again, depending on how many books he wants to read. That is a typical day. So, by the time we get everything cleaned up, Tracey and I are generally in bed by 9:30 or so. Then just like the movie Groundhog Day, I wake up and do it all over again. I truly do love my job.
Logan is a little over 2 and a half years old now (June will be 3). He is adjusting to the new home and school great. He is such a joy to watch grow up and to watch him learn. Of course every parent thinks their kid is the smartest, so I have to say it. He is soooo smart! I catch myself talking to him like an adult sometimes and he listens so intently and asks so many questions. He asks them correctly and not just the general, why, how, what is that? He listens when you answer and then I test him the next night. He generally gets it correct. He loves to read books, color, paint, play ball (baseball and soccer). His speech is incredible for his age (So I am told by his school and a lot of friends). No bad words yet, but he recognizes a lot of words and uses them correctly. He seems to be a lefty with kicking the ball, but swings righty for now. He loves playing with his baby bros a lot more now. He yells at them to climb on him and drool on him. I do not love that part, but it keeps everyone playing together. There are so many things I could write about him, but I will leave it at this; He is doing great and I cannot wait until the next day to see what he will do or say to make me laugh.
Justin is doing much much better than 6 months ago. He was “problem” child with his reflux, not sleeping, and general discomfort. The only major change we made was putting all of the babies on whole milk on their birthday (Dec 16th) Since then he has pretty much been a different kid. He sleeps at night, he puts himself back to sleep, and he laughs so much more. He has the best belly laugh ever! He is the most advanced of the three at this stage. He chats a bit (not as much as Mason). He walks about 3-5 steps, and gets into everything! He is our explorer. One day, I could not find him and when I did he was at the top of the steps! Yes, the 2nd floor! My heart dropped and I immediately thought of what could have happened. Nothing did, and since then, the gate does not come down from in front of the steps. Justin loves and follows everything that Logan does. He laughs so hard when Logan talks to him. It is the cutest thing how he follows him around. He is the best eater right now as well. He eats everything and he is so clean about it. He hardly ever drops a bite of food. However, when he gets sick, man he gets sick. It takes him a few days longer than the other guys to recover and it is not pleasant during that time. He is definitely the least independent child of the 3.
Mason is our big meatball! He is the biggest of the three and the one that snuggles the most. He is a big teddy bear and loves kisses and hugs. He is also our biggest winer. If you take a toy away or something he is not suppose to have, man does he let you know with a scream louder than mine! He is also our swiper. He takes anything and everything from his brothers. He is cruising around on furniture and standing for longer periods of time now. No steps as of yet. He talks the most of the three. Mason is the most difficult to feed. He is constantly trying to grab your hand when you feed him or try to feed the baby next to him. He knocks the food out of your hand and it is sooo annoying! He thinks it is funny though. He needs a haircut desperately. His hair is over 4 inches! Mason plays the most independently. He just chit chats out loud and yells at his toys. It is very funny. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and just gets a kick out of it. It is as if he is admiring himself in the mirror. He loves rolling the ball back and forth with me. He sits up on his one leg like he is blocking a ball from going into a soccer net. That is his favorite stance.
Noah is our little pea. He is so damn cute when he smiles and laughs. Although it is not really a full laugh yet. He still grunts and makes the same sound. But, actually tonight I made him laugh a different sound for the first time. Tracey and I are a little concerned because he does not make other noises or sounds yet. He is the fastest crawler of the three. He takes off like lightning and puts his hand in anything that is near him. He has a death grip that does not let go. This is not so much fun when changing a poopy diaper. His hands wander into the cream, down his legs, he grabs his tushy..It can get very annoying!!! He is not standing on his own yet, but he is so close and you can see he wants to so badly. He loves playing with Mason and Justin. He eats their hands and tries to push them around. He is a little sneak. He will crawl by one of them and push them as he is passing by as if we don’t see him and then you yell his name and he just looks at you with his huge blue eyes and smiles and grunts (laughs). I could write a few pages on each kid, but no one would read that much, and my fingers would get tired. I mainly write this to keep a journal of sorts to go back and read. My sister-in-law got our blog made into a book with pictures for us for Christmas. It was an awesome gift and going back and reading it brought back so many memories that I forgot about. I hope all is well with everyone and stay safe

Monday, December 14, 2009

On Wednesday the triplets turn one. I cannot believe a year has passed. It has been a difficult one in a lot of ways. But I never forget for a second how truly blessed we are. We moved in October to a beautiful house that we absolutely love. It has a huge yard, 4 bedrooms, an enormous basement, high ceilings, etc etc. We are so happy. It was amazing how stressed we were cramped in our old house. We were so lucky to have my mom up for 3 weeks helping us pack up the house. Every day was a new drama of something that could potentially fall through or needed to be fixed. At one point we were prepared to move all 6 of us in with my sister Allison. But, in the end it all worked out and we are quite settled in the new digs. Logan adjusted very well. Periodically he will ask to go home. When I say we are home he says no this is our new house. But it is few and far between and I think he really enjoys all the space to run around. My only problem is I desperately miss living close to Allison. My parents bought us a swing set for Christmas and Bob and our friend Carlos put it together. Logan and the babies were able to play on it before the weather got too cold. I am sure all the bys will enjoy that for many years to come.
Logan is 2 and a half now. He says the most amazing things. We really need to keep a better diary as we laugh everyday at how observant he is. Not to mention how good his memory is which can sometimes really bite us in the ass. After 2 months home Bob and I decided he needed to get into some type of activity with kids his age. HE gets bored at home. He is so social and loves to play with other kids. Unfortunately there aren’t very many his age in the neighborhood. He started in a school down the street from our house 2 days a week for 4 hours. He had a great time the 2 days he has been so I am glad we did it. Even though it is hard for Bob to leave him. I know it is good for him and for Bob! He is an amazing kid and Bob and I say everyday how awesome he is. We keep saying if we are blessed with 4 boys like this it would be a miracle!
Justin is the most advanced of the babies. He has been crawling for over a month now and is pulling himself up and cruising on the furniture. He has even climbed a couple stairs. He smiles all the time and has the best belly laugh. He is very ticklish. He is also our biggest challenge. He still suffers from reflux and has asthma. We have struggled with him most nights as he just doesn’t sleep. And he is not easily consoled. So we can be up for 2 hours just holding a screaming baby. It is the worst feeling in the world not to be able to calm or sooth your child. We have had him to several dr’s who continue to say he will grow out of it. Some days I am convinced there is something very wrong with him and other days I just think he is not easily settled and will give us the most trouble!! Last night was one of the first nights he actually cuddled with me. I was singing to him and he had his head on my shoulder. He lifted his head and just looked right at me. Then he laid his head aback down facing me and looked up at me and smiled. I just looked at him and stroked his head. It was an amazing feeling since most nights I want to jump through the window! It’s true, some nights I just cry. Our frustration level is through the roof and we feel like this is it, we just can’t do this anymore. But, you do and morning comes and it’s a new day and you just do it again. As I said though, he is so happy during the day. He has adorable dimples and hazel eyes. Very big head though.
Mason is our bruiser. He is like 24 pounds and solid as a rock. He is not crawling yet much to his dismay. He gets very upset when we all leave him sitting there. He lies on his belly like he is swimming and just yells. It is very funny. He is rocking though and I am hoping that by Christmas he is there. He does sit up and pulls himself up so I am not too worried. He says mama and dada while the other 2 don’t yet. He also claps his hands as does Justin but Noah isn’t there yet. So they all have their own pace. He is a bully during meal time and frequently takes toys from Noah and Justin. It’s funny because if a toy gets taken from him he screams and starts to cry. They are hilarious to watch at the table. Banging each other’s heads and pushing. Mason is Logan’s favorite. Every time I ask who should get something first, it’s Mason. They look the most alike too which is funny. Mason is extremely happy and smiles a lot. But it is harder to get him to smile than the other two. Most of the time he just gives this look like “what?” HE is very independent though and will sit and amuse himself and play for the longest time. He is a joy to put to bed or naps. Just give a kiss and lay him down and he just goes to sleep. He is very addicted to the pacifier though and he will wake up at night when he can’t find it. We put like 10 in his crib but they mostly manage to find their way to the floor. He is very cuddly and loves to snuggle.
Noah is our little peanut. He started to crawl about a week ago and is very proud of himself. He is starting to pull himself up and loves being mobile. He has the brightest blue eyes, almost piercing. He has a great smile and his whole face just light s up. His eyes squint shut and he just gets so happy. He is becoming much more aware of who mommy and daddy are and doesn’t take to strangers as well as he used to. He is still the smallest but over 20 pounds and eats as much as his brothers. As I mentioned he is not clapping his hands or making too many sounds other than his weird little screech but he seems to be fine and I am sure he will get there in his own time. They are 9 months adjusted and I don’t see him being too far behind that age so I am fine with it. He is a climber too and anytime I am on the floor changing one of the babies he has to try to climb on my lap. He is a great sleeper as he has been for a long time. Just lay him in his crib and he will amuse himself till he falls asleep. Such a joy. He rarely gets up at night and sleeps close to 12 hours. If he was my only baby I would truly not understand how someone could say it is hard. Bob and I often say what if we only had Noah? Cake. Noah is going to be the sweetheart and the little peacemaker.
My parents have been here since Thanksgiving and they will stay through New Year’s. It is always wonderful to have them around and it certainly is nice to have help. I am nervous when they leave Bob and I will have forgotten how hard it is when we are by ourselves. We hosted Thanksgiving this year with bob’s family. We had over 25 people and I think it was a success. I don’t remember much of it as I really was just taking care of the kids while bob cooked. We had a holiday party yesterday with my Mom’s family which went really well also. I just love the holiday season. It is so nice to see people you don’t see all the time and just be around family. Christmas day will be with my family this year and I am excited to just be home. Logan is anxious for Santa to come and loves to count the days on the calendar.
2009 has given us some pretty amazing blessings and also some not so great things and I have often felt that there is a black cloud over the world this year. My sister Chrisanne said that 9 is not a good number. Something about its placement, I don’t remember but it made sense when she said it!! I will not be sad to see it go. I have a good feeling about 2010.
I hope that if anyone is still reading the blog (since it has been so long since I wrote) that you have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy and healthy New Year.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello everyone…Sorry it has been so long. It has been almost 2 months since this was updated. Where to begin…I will start with the present and work backwards…We are moving! We make settlement October 9th and move to Mullica Hill NJ to a beautiful 4 bedroom home, with a huge yard and a basement..Logan cannot wait and neither can we. This 3 bedroom rancher is giving me cabin fever! We are going to miss our neighbors terribly, but hopefully they come and visit. Logan will stay home with me from October until I go back to work around May (flu season should be over). It will be tough, but I know Tracey and I can do it.
The trips are doing great! They had their 9 month developmental follow up yesterday and they are on track with their adjusted age. Justin is about to crawl, Mason has two teeth coming in, and Noah is just happy as a clam…They smile most of the time and eat great. Mason is 19lbs 12oz, Justin is 18lbs 14oz, and Noah is 17lbs 8oz. They all have large heads for their age (so the Dr says) whatever that means..I know it does not mean they are going to be tall because no one in my family is over 5’8…Mason and Justin just got over having ear infections. I am not sure how they got them since they are at home with me all day. It cleared up pretty quickly. They had their baptism about 3 weeks ago and they were perfect angels. Logan wore a little suit and did not fuss at all in it. The celebration afterwards was a success and I think everyone had a good time. Mason and Noah are still sleeping through the night (7:00-7:30 until 5:30-6:15ish)…Justin sleeps through the night when he wants to. He had an upper GI, a milk scan (which sucked for him) and has seen a few specialists. The bottom line is he has reflux from his middle to upper esophagus. It does bother him from time to time, but more frequent feeds seems to have helped. Who know, everyone Dr has a different opinion. I just need to know that he is not in pain. We have a new triplet table that my in-laws bought for the babies for their baptism present. The table is great. It is one of the tables you see in a day care with 3 seats in it. The boys love it (so does Logan).
Logan is doing wonderful. He is the smartest 26 month old ever! Doesn’t every parent say that about their kid? He comes up with the funniest sayings and some things that he does just makes me laugh out loud. He is my little buddy and I love spending time with him. We went fishing for the first time about a month ago. He caught a little perch and he was a little scared at first to hold it, but then loved it. He asks to go fishing a lot now. It is great. I really missed my dad when I took Logan fishing because it made me think of the first time my dad took me fishing. I reminded Logan who taught his daddy to fish. It was a nice bonding moment. Thanks dad for those memories….Logan has taken up golf. He loves hitting the ball as hard as he can. He swings it like a hockey stick right now, so you never know, it could go either sport. His vocabulary is improving every day. As much as we talk in this house, this kid is going to learn a lot and never shut up! He listens and repeats everything but puts it in the correct context when repeating it which is great. He is still a picky eater and hates his veggies. I have to start making my own food for the trips. It is getting way too expensive. We go through 12 jars a day plus 18 tablespoons of oatmeal a day. I cannot wait until I can just make a huge ziti and just have them eat that all week! Logan wants to help us with everything. He loves prepping the babies food and calls them “my babies”. It is very cute. Overall he is doing fantastic and we are both very proud of him. He is adjusting well to the babies. Now we get to yank him out of his school and move him to a strange place…UGH!
We have to start packing! We have 29 days to go and nothing is even started. If anyone wants to come over and babysit a kid or two while I pack, please feel free to ask or come over anytime. Tracey and I are going away next weekend. My in-laws are flying up from Florida so we can go away. They are going to watch the kids. They are awesome. I want to thank everyone who has helped us up to this point. Every food dish, phone call, gift, words of encouragement, and assistance is greatly appreciated and is not forgotten. I wish we could pay everyone back and do something, but at this point we can only say THANK YOU. I know there is much more to write but a baby needs to be fed…Until next time…I am on facebook and update photos on there so you can friend me on there if you like. Bye….

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I decided I would take a little time and write an entry since I haven't really had time since I went back to work. I have thought of a million things I want to write about but I'm not sure I will remember it all now. Life for us is crazy. I don't know how else to say it. Every minute of every day is packed. Work has been fine. It is very hard because I am so exhausted all the time but each week gets a little easier. I have been flexing my hours a little so that I can get home in time to help with dinner and bedtime which is by far the most chaotic time for us. Everyone is exhausted. Logan eats dinner around 5:30 and we try to eat with him but that doesn't always happen. At least one person sits with him and eats. The other is usually tending to the babies who are exhausted and whiny. It is that period where you are doing anything to keep them awake until 7. I try to get Logan in the bath by 6:30 so he can sit and watch TV for 15 minutes while I feed a baby. Hopefully whoever I am feeding falls asleep quickly and I then put Logan to bed while Bob and either my sister or Skye (our 14 Y/O helper) feed the other 2 and get them all ready for bed. By 8 everyone is usually asleep. But not always. We decided last week to start to let them cry it out. We got Justin adjusted on his meds so he is actually doing a lot better. He is still a needy baby but at least he doesn't wheeze anymore which was what kept us from trying to get him to sleep through the night. As you know, Noah pretty much sleeps through most nights from like 7-7:30 through to 6:30 or 7AM. I know, a dream baby!! We had to have one! Mason got the hang of sleeping through the night pretty quick. He wakes up and fusses but not too terribly. Although he did have a cough the other night so we do give him some water to help soothe that. But he sleeps until around 6AM. Of course, since I am writing this they will both get up all night tonight but what can you do!! Justin has been a challenge. That kid can cry like I have never seen. When we planned to start the cry it out I was mentally prepared for him t cry forever. I really thought he could. He didn't but it was a good 2 hours. After the first hour he would sleep for like 10 minutes and then wake up and cry. Torture. Poor bob had to listen to it because it was Thursday and he was on duty. The poor kid was so tired he napped for 5 and a half hours on Friday. Friday night I was on duty. We put him to bed and he cried for about 45 minutes. Now, we do go in and check him and give him the it's ok, ssshhh. We start at 10 min. then 15, then 20 and so on. He woke up at 11:20. By 12:30 he was still crying but clearly getting tired. I was so exhausted I actually fell asleep while he was crying. Can you believe it? I NEVER thought I would be able to do that. I woke up at 1AM and he had stopped. I ran into his room to see if he was ok and sure enough he was out cold sleeping very soundly. Saturday, well, he went to bed a little easier but woke up around 3:30 (we almost thought we were home free) and he was up until about 4:30. I got up with Mason at 5AM and Bob slept in until 9 since he was up with justin crying. I really believed by tonight he would be almost there. Everyone I talk to says by the third night they get the hang of it. Not my Justin. My heart aches for him. he really was meant to be an only child. He is so smiley and happy during the day. I am still hopeful that this method will work if we really stick it out for a couple more days.
All 3 are eating their solid foods farely well and I am hopeful that they will be on 3 meals a day in the next 2 or 3 weeks. They don't like eating cereal that much but they are great with the veggies. Bob has a really tough job and I do appreciate the challenges he faces getting them to eat off a spoon. I know how hard it was to teach Logan and he was only one. This morning I had all 4 boys sitting next to each other and I was feeding them all oatmeal. Well, logan was eating his own but he wanted to sit in the row with his brothers. It was actually really cute.
We are currently negotiating a contract to sell our house. We will find out tomorrow if we are going to officially go under contract. Then we have 6 weeks to find somewhere to live. We saw a house in Delran that we really like. I am hoping it all works out. I do believe what is meant to happen will be.
Both noah and justin rolled from back to front this week!! They have all gone the other way but this was a big deal since they have such issues with their neck and back strength. Mason is almost there but since he is a little buddha he may take a little longer. They are all holding their heads up nicely and doing well in the exersaucers. Won't be long till they are sitting up!! We are baptizing them in August. I am looking forward to that especially since my parents will come up for it. W will really miss having popop there. But I know he will be watching over these boys every step of the way.
Logan is still doing wonderfully. He is quite a handful and can test you like the best of them but he is adorable and loving and kind to his brothers. I could not ask for a better family.
I have so much more to write but I have to go to bed soon and I have so much laundry to fold and put away. And I also need to go find the stupid puzzle in Logan's play room that keeps talking and scaring the crap out of me.
I hope everyone is doing well and having a fantastic summer.
Thanks to all of you who take such good care of us. Especially my sister Allison who I know spends more time here then she intends every day. And our wonderful neighbors. I tear up thinking about moving away from you. Good night.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hello everyone. Sorry it has been so long. There is so much going on right now. I will update you on the babies.
Noah is doing great! Sleeping through the night. Goes down around 6:45-7:30 and gets up around 6:00-6:45. Mason generally gets up once a night. He has had a terrible cold/cough for almost 2 weeks. The night time sucks the most when he gets all of the junk in his lungs. Justin....Well, he still gets up every 4 hours or so. We took him to the pulmonologist. I feel so bad. He wheezes so much and has trouble breathing. He has reflux, bad cold, his esophagus is partially closed(causing wheeziness). Now we have to give him flovent, albuterol, zantac, zyrtec, and bethanechol. I know it is a lot and I told the Dr I would try this regiment for 1 week. Poor kid cant sleep because he has reflux, post nasal drip, and cant breathe. We have to start letting them cry it out, but it is so hard becasue they are in 1 room. That may not be for too long...It looks like we sold our house! We agreed verbally and we get the contracts next week with the buyers addendums. I am sure we will go back and forth, but we are looking now. It is so exciting and sooo nerve racking at the same time.

The boys had their checkup last week. They are almost 4 months old (adjusted) 7 months since they were born. Justin is 17lbs 1oz, Noah is 15lbs 2oz, and Mason is 18lbs, 2oz. They are getting heavy! Developmentally Justin is a rock star. He can stand up solid on both legs with only my one hand on him. He pretty much rolls over. He has to get than damn arm out of the way so he can go from back to belly. We are going to stop swaddling them now. This is going to suck because it is so easy to put them down when they are all bundled up. I took them all to the mall last week to get an oil change at Sears. I took them around the mall while I waited. They were perfect little angels. Of course I got stopped by every woman wanting to talk about the babies. It was fun, but it gets old fast. I just wanted to cruise around with my boys and not be bothered. It is the price I pay for having handsome boys!

Logan is doing awesome. He had his 2 year appt at the Dr's. She was very impressed with his cooperation and vocabulary. He speaks almost everything in full sentences now. He is becoming very bossy as he understands what he wants and when he wants it. It is pretty funny. I get so excited at the end of the day when I know he is coming home from school to see how his day was and what he did all day.

Overall, the Commack's are doing ok. The days are getting a little more organized. Tracey and I have planned our 5 year anniversary trip. My in-laws are flying up from Florida for the weekend so we can go away. How awesome are they! I cannot wait to go away. I am sure I will bring a web cam with me so I can see Logan and the boys from our hotel room. It is going to be hard to leave Logan and the boys for a weekend. They are in good hands. Until next time....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello everyone,
I want to start off my blog by saying hello to my dad and that I will see you later down the road. As many of you know that read this blog that my dad passed away on June 16th. I will miss him terribly, but will keep his memory alive through me and my 4 boys.

It is 2:50 AM and I just put Justin down to sleep. (again). They are all so off their somewhat loose schedule that I was trying to nail down for them. This past week has just been all over the place. They all generally fall asleep around 8:00-8:30 at the latest. Noah generally sleeps all night until around 6:00-6:30. Mason wakes up 50% of the time around 3am-4am, takes 2-3oz and goes back to sleep until 6:30-7:00. Now, Justin....He falls asleep after 20-30 mins of restlessness and leg kicking. Then lays down for 2-3 hours, wakes up, we rock him a bit, and place the binky back in his mouth. Then he falls asleep until around 3:00 am. He wakes up around this time 6 out of 7 days a week. We try to get him back to sleep, but end up giving him 3 oz then he goes back until 6:30-7:00. They all get up around the same time in the morning, have a full bottle, are up for about 1 hour and then sleep for 1.5-2 hours. We then get up and do some exercises. Mason needs to work on his neck muscles and symmetry the most. Justin is excelling faster than the other two. It is nice to see progress. I KNOW, I need to start letting them cry it out a bit and skip the bottle. Someone buy us a bigger house so they wont hear each other....

Today was my first full day as the stay at home dad by myself. My in-laws left on Saturday to go back home to Florida. They will be missed very much. Staying at home today was pretty much what I expected. It is going to be a tough road ahead with a lot of patience and ear plugs needed. There was only 1 time today when they were all crying. They had just eaten after waking from a nap. Of course this is the only time that Tracey called so I debated not picking up the phone, but I did. So, I am thinking now what do I do to get them to stop? They just ate and napped. I picked up Noah first because he was crying the hardest, and swaddled him up. They all just needed 1 more burp and then fell back asleep for 30 more mins. I took them for about a 20-30 minute walk around the lake and development. Most people walking by stop and stare and ask questions. The best is,"do triplets run in your family?" I tell people, actually quads do, so I got cheated! Out of all of the questions to ask, why is this the most curious to ask? I would have so many different questions to ask someone who had multiples. Or the question is, " is it tough?" I would love to respond, "nah, I have my servants enter from the east wing of the house after they take out my trash, cut my lawn, and wash my Ferrari. Then they tend to the babies all day while I go fish, golf, and sleep. They fill me in on what the babies did all day so I can tell my wife what happened during the day." Ok, so I am laying on the sarcasm pretty thick right now, it is afterall, 3:10am. I have to go to sleep. We have a showing for the house tomorrow. It is the girls 3rd time coming back! She better buy it now, after all of the cleaning I have to do each time. I am going to invite her to my neighbors Luau. It was his idea. She can meet all of the neighbors and help her decide. I am not sure if this is good or bad? Just kidding, all of my court is amazing and I would love to stay where I am at. Tracey and I are going to miss all of them so much.

Overall, the babies and Logan are doing well. Tracey and I are surviving. We have to get out on a date night by ourselves soon. It is tough, and we just high five each other in the morning as we pass each other with a diaper in one hand, bottle in the pocket, and a baby on our hip. We make a good team and I am looking so forward to so many memories with my family. I know my dad will be watching, so I have to make him proud.

Monday, June 15, 2009

(Bob's post)
Hello everyone,
It has been about a week since I last wrote so I am due to write some updates. Let's start with:

The Trips have been doing a little better sleeping through the night. We generally get them to bed between 7:30-9:00. I know this is a huge window, but we are working on it. Noah and Mason generally go right down, but Justin....Well, he is a different animal. I have never seen a baby kick and grunt so much to not go to bed. Then once down, I know that it is only going to be 15-25 minutes later and then he gets up and then gets rocked back to sleep for a few hours. He gets up 95% of the time between 2:55am-3:05am. I am not kidding. He has an internal clock. Once this happens I try to rock him for 15-20 minutes but then he just looks at me and smiles. I know what he is saying to himself (HA! sucker, now I get a bottle!) He does get 3oz and then he goes back to sleep until around 6:30-7:00. Mason gets up, but at like 4:00-5:00 am and sometimes goes back to sleep. Noah is the best. Right to bed and grunts a bit during the night and gets up around 5:30-6:30, gets a full bottle, stays up for about 45 minutes then goes back to sleep for about 2 hours! It is great. By this time I have already been up since 2:55am from Justin and then Mason. All in all it is going ok. I hope to have all of this chaos with bedtime licked in about 2 weeks. I know this is my ego talking, but I have to set goals. My in-laws (wonderful, helpful, I am forever grateful) will be leaving on Wednesday. I am on my own then. They have truly been so helpful and I am very lucky to have had them here for the past few months. I am having my nephew Patrick (he is 14) come over during the week to help out when he is not too busy with school, summer fun, and girls. He is a good kid and this can give him some extra cash over the summer.

Justin had his physical therapy appointment last week. He did great. He held up his head, grabbed at toys, kicked his feet, put toys near his mouth, and laughed and made noises the whole time. We were very proud. Mason and Noah have their appointments this week. Noah and Justing have both rolled over from belly to back. Mason is usually 7-10 days behind. Plus, he has such a big head with no neck, so he has trouble. He is pretty funny. He needs some serious work on holding up his head.

Logan had his 2nd birthday party this weekend at Jelly Bean Jungle
( Mount Laurel. It was an absolute hit! He had so much fun with his classmates and his large family. He laughed, screamed his head off, ran around like a crazy person, and then crashed at the end of the day. I enjoy so much watching Logan play with his friends and interact with them. He is such an awesome kid. He got a bike and a lot of great toys and clothes. So, now I have to start all of the thank you notes. This is one job that Tracey is glad to get rid of and that I do not remember volunteering for. Hey, it comes with staying at home now I guess. No problem, I have it covered. I have 1 year to get them out right? Does that just count for weddings?

Fathers Day is coming up and all of us are headed over to my dad's house to celebrate being fathers. I am looking very forward to it. It is going to be a lot of fun seeing everyone together and watching all of the kids play together.

Our house is still for sale. We had one girl come back for a 2nd look last week. She seemed positive, but still no offer. My neighbor 5 doors down just put her house on the market for 25k less than mine. Oh well! Her house needs a lot of work. Hopefully people will see that. It is 10:00 now and I have to go to bed so I can get up with Justin in 5 hours!!! Thank you to everyone over these past few months who have helped with either food, clothes, gifts, prayers, and anything else that I may have forgotten. Our heads are still spinning. Tracey and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives. Goodnight!