Sunday, July 19, 2009

I decided I would take a little time and write an entry since I haven't really had time since I went back to work. I have thought of a million things I want to write about but I'm not sure I will remember it all now. Life for us is crazy. I don't know how else to say it. Every minute of every day is packed. Work has been fine. It is very hard because I am so exhausted all the time but each week gets a little easier. I have been flexing my hours a little so that I can get home in time to help with dinner and bedtime which is by far the most chaotic time for us. Everyone is exhausted. Logan eats dinner around 5:30 and we try to eat with him but that doesn't always happen. At least one person sits with him and eats. The other is usually tending to the babies who are exhausted and whiny. It is that period where you are doing anything to keep them awake until 7. I try to get Logan in the bath by 6:30 so he can sit and watch TV for 15 minutes while I feed a baby. Hopefully whoever I am feeding falls asleep quickly and I then put Logan to bed while Bob and either my sister or Skye (our 14 Y/O helper) feed the other 2 and get them all ready for bed. By 8 everyone is usually asleep. But not always. We decided last week to start to let them cry it out. We got Justin adjusted on his meds so he is actually doing a lot better. He is still a needy baby but at least he doesn't wheeze anymore which was what kept us from trying to get him to sleep through the night. As you know, Noah pretty much sleeps through most nights from like 7-7:30 through to 6:30 or 7AM. I know, a dream baby!! We had to have one! Mason got the hang of sleeping through the night pretty quick. He wakes up and fusses but not too terribly. Although he did have a cough the other night so we do give him some water to help soothe that. But he sleeps until around 6AM. Of course, since I am writing this they will both get up all night tonight but what can you do!! Justin has been a challenge. That kid can cry like I have never seen. When we planned to start the cry it out I was mentally prepared for him t cry forever. I really thought he could. He didn't but it was a good 2 hours. After the first hour he would sleep for like 10 minutes and then wake up and cry. Torture. Poor bob had to listen to it because it was Thursday and he was on duty. The poor kid was so tired he napped for 5 and a half hours on Friday. Friday night I was on duty. We put him to bed and he cried for about 45 minutes. Now, we do go in and check him and give him the it's ok, ssshhh. We start at 10 min. then 15, then 20 and so on. He woke up at 11:20. By 12:30 he was still crying but clearly getting tired. I was so exhausted I actually fell asleep while he was crying. Can you believe it? I NEVER thought I would be able to do that. I woke up at 1AM and he had stopped. I ran into his room to see if he was ok and sure enough he was out cold sleeping very soundly. Saturday, well, he went to bed a little easier but woke up around 3:30 (we almost thought we were home free) and he was up until about 4:30. I got up with Mason at 5AM and Bob slept in until 9 since he was up with justin crying. I really believed by tonight he would be almost there. Everyone I talk to says by the third night they get the hang of it. Not my Justin. My heart aches for him. he really was meant to be an only child. He is so smiley and happy during the day. I am still hopeful that this method will work if we really stick it out for a couple more days.
All 3 are eating their solid foods farely well and I am hopeful that they will be on 3 meals a day in the next 2 or 3 weeks. They don't like eating cereal that much but they are great with the veggies. Bob has a really tough job and I do appreciate the challenges he faces getting them to eat off a spoon. I know how hard it was to teach Logan and he was only one. This morning I had all 4 boys sitting next to each other and I was feeding them all oatmeal. Well, logan was eating his own but he wanted to sit in the row with his brothers. It was actually really cute.
We are currently negotiating a contract to sell our house. We will find out tomorrow if we are going to officially go under contract. Then we have 6 weeks to find somewhere to live. We saw a house in Delran that we really like. I am hoping it all works out. I do believe what is meant to happen will be.
Both noah and justin rolled from back to front this week!! They have all gone the other way but this was a big deal since they have such issues with their neck and back strength. Mason is almost there but since he is a little buddha he may take a little longer. They are all holding their heads up nicely and doing well in the exersaucers. Won't be long till they are sitting up!! We are baptizing them in August. I am looking forward to that especially since my parents will come up for it. W will really miss having popop there. But I know he will be watching over these boys every step of the way.
Logan is still doing wonderfully. He is quite a handful and can test you like the best of them but he is adorable and loving and kind to his brothers. I could not ask for a better family.
I have so much more to write but I have to go to bed soon and I have so much laundry to fold and put away. And I also need to go find the stupid puzzle in Logan's play room that keeps talking and scaring the crap out of me.
I hope everyone is doing well and having a fantastic summer.
Thanks to all of you who take such good care of us. Especially my sister Allison who I know spends more time here then she intends every day. And our wonderful neighbors. I tear up thinking about moving away from you. Good night.


Marianne Greenwald said...

Thanks for sharing, love reading the updates!

Lisa said...

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