Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello everyone…Sorry it has been so long. It has been almost 2 months since this was updated. Where to begin…I will start with the present and work backwards…We are moving! We make settlement October 9th and move to Mullica Hill NJ to a beautiful 4 bedroom home, with a huge yard and a basement..Logan cannot wait and neither can we. This 3 bedroom rancher is giving me cabin fever! We are going to miss our neighbors terribly, but hopefully they come and visit. Logan will stay home with me from October until I go back to work around May (flu season should be over). It will be tough, but I know Tracey and I can do it.
The trips are doing great! They had their 9 month developmental follow up yesterday and they are on track with their adjusted age. Justin is about to crawl, Mason has two teeth coming in, and Noah is just happy as a clam…They smile most of the time and eat great. Mason is 19lbs 12oz, Justin is 18lbs 14oz, and Noah is 17lbs 8oz. They all have large heads for their age (so the Dr says) whatever that means..I know it does not mean they are going to be tall because no one in my family is over 5’8…Mason and Justin just got over having ear infections. I am not sure how they got them since they are at home with me all day. It cleared up pretty quickly. They had their baptism about 3 weeks ago and they were perfect angels. Logan wore a little suit and did not fuss at all in it. The celebration afterwards was a success and I think everyone had a good time. Mason and Noah are still sleeping through the night (7:00-7:30 until 5:30-6:15ish)…Justin sleeps through the night when he wants to. He had an upper GI, a milk scan (which sucked for him) and has seen a few specialists. The bottom line is he has reflux from his middle to upper esophagus. It does bother him from time to time, but more frequent feeds seems to have helped. Who know, everyone Dr has a different opinion. I just need to know that he is not in pain. We have a new triplet table that my in-laws bought for the babies for their baptism present. The table is great. It is one of the tables you see in a day care with 3 seats in it. The boys love it (so does Logan).
Logan is doing wonderful. He is the smartest 26 month old ever! Doesn’t every parent say that about their kid? He comes up with the funniest sayings and some things that he does just makes me laugh out loud. He is my little buddy and I love spending time with him. We went fishing for the first time about a month ago. He caught a little perch and he was a little scared at first to hold it, but then loved it. He asks to go fishing a lot now. It is great. I really missed my dad when I took Logan fishing because it made me think of the first time my dad took me fishing. I reminded Logan who taught his daddy to fish. It was a nice bonding moment. Thanks dad for those memories….Logan has taken up golf. He loves hitting the ball as hard as he can. He swings it like a hockey stick right now, so you never know, it could go either sport. His vocabulary is improving every day. As much as we talk in this house, this kid is going to learn a lot and never shut up! He listens and repeats everything but puts it in the correct context when repeating it which is great. He is still a picky eater and hates his veggies. I have to start making my own food for the trips. It is getting way too expensive. We go through 12 jars a day plus 18 tablespoons of oatmeal a day. I cannot wait until I can just make a huge ziti and just have them eat that all week! Logan wants to help us with everything. He loves prepping the babies food and calls them “my babies”. It is very cute. Overall he is doing fantastic and we are both very proud of him. He is adjusting well to the babies. Now we get to yank him out of his school and move him to a strange place…UGH!
We have to start packing! We have 29 days to go and nothing is even started. If anyone wants to come over and babysit a kid or two while I pack, please feel free to ask or come over anytime. Tracey and I are going away next weekend. My in-laws are flying up from Florida so we can go away. They are going to watch the kids. They are awesome. I want to thank everyone who has helped us up to this point. Every food dish, phone call, gift, words of encouragement, and assistance is greatly appreciated and is not forgotten. I wish we could pay everyone back and do something, but at this point we can only say THANK YOU. I know there is much more to write but a baby needs to be fed…Until next time…I am on facebook and update photos on there so you can friend me on there if you like. Bye….

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